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What sets us apart

Get the right talent faster, and more economically.

What sets TalentInsight apart from its competition is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the talent needs of our clients and align them with the skills and experience of prospective candidates. 

We gain our talent insight using dedicated teams of expert recruiters in each industry we serve year-round.  Our knowledgeable recruiters help us deliver better talent, faster and more economically while focusing on positive outcomes to ensure our clients are always protected and candidates treated fairly.

Our Philosophy

Ensure positive outcomes for our clients while treating our candidates fairly.

Our Resources

Talent Acquisition Strategy Recruiting Experience Analytical Expertise

our specialties

Services We Provide

Training & Development

Leverage TalentInsight’s expertise in business training and development consulting. As a leading training consulting firm, we can provide corporate trainers, custom eLearning creation, and instructional design services.

Business Management

TalentInsight’s expertise in business management consulting helps drive growth across our clients organizations. With an industry-centric, scalable national, we are ready to assist you in implementing groundbreaking, successful solutions.

Executive Search

TalentInsight uses human resources on executive search services led by industry-specific leaders with years of experience and extensive networks built through their established reputation in the industry they serve.

Staffing & Recruiting

TalentInsight’s Staffing and Recruiting Services are results-oriented. We gain talent insight using dedicated teams of expert recruiters in each industry we serve year-round. Our knowledgeable recruiters help us deliver better talent faster and more economically while focusing on positive outcomes to ensure our clients are always protected, and candidates treated fairly.

Compensation Consulting

Our team of compensation, engagement, leadership development, executive search, and survey consulting experts empower clients using industry-leading data and analytics. We use our experience and knowledge to create flexible consulting solutions.

See the difference

TalentInsight connects top talent with great companies.

Our results speak for themselves. Stay ahead of the competition with our staffing and recruiting solutions.
• 9 out of 10 clients are returning customers.
Customer Success 90%
• 7.5 out of 10 of our direct placements stay over 2 years.
Recruiting Success 75%


We Choose a Human Resource for Talent Insight

We have learned that nothing can replace the person-to-person selection and interview process to gain top talent. That is why we use specialized recruiters for each industry, targeted networks, contacts, and personal outreach to find candidates that are a perfect fit for the success of our clients' businesses.

Candidate Research

We use industry connections, contacts, associations, online recruiting tools, and proprietary databases to find qualified prospects for our outreach.

Personal Contact

Once we find the prospects we want to contact, we pre-qualify them for required experience and skills, and then we complete a deep vetting process to determine their fit for the company and the role.

Candidate Selection

After carefully analyzing the fit for skills and qualifications of each candidate, we select the top candidates to present to our client.
100% Success

100% Success

Staffing & Recruiting

The candidates we hired increased our company's profit.

Organizational Design

Now we have the perfect divisional staffing structure.

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