Why Do They Call Them “Soft Skills” If They Are Crucial In The Workplace?

In today’s job market, it’s not enough to simply have the training and knowledge required for a position. Candidates must also be able to problem-solve, communicate, and get along with others to succeed in a modern workplace. These intangible qualities that focus on behavior, personal traits, and cognitive capabilities are known as “soft skills.” And some experts believe they may be more critical now than ever.

The Five Hardest Roles to Fill and How to Hire for Them

One of the most challenging aspects of recruiting is finding candidates with the proper skill set. Unfortunately, job seekers often don’t have the necessary skills for the posted positions. This quagmire is especially true for roles that require specific technical skills or experience with new technologies. As a result, talent acquisition professionals must be creative in their recruiting efforts, using both traditional and non-traditional methods to identify potential candidates.

Why Recruiting Resilient Personalities Matters

In the past 2 years, the world has gone through many challenges – a pandemic, an economic crisis, and countless societal upheavals. Through it all, we have seen that one of the crucial traits for every life situation is anti-fragility and resilience. Those people are strong in tumultuous times and can adapt to any situation. This is why recruiters seek these personalities during the recruitment process. If you want to succeed in your job search, showcase your resilience and adaptability! If you are looking for strong, positive employees with a fighting spirit, resilient employees have the passion and perseverance to pursue your long-term goals.

Are Recruiting Firms Still Relevant?

Many small and midsize companies have limited Human Resources staff, whose time is taken up with their day-to-day responsibilities, along with resolving that day’s crisis. That doesn’t leave much time for recruiting chores, even if their company has in-house recruiters. A recruiting form can help.

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