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Leverage TalentInsight's expertise in training and development for growth.

Leverage TalentInsight’s expertise in business training and development consulting. Your staff must do their best to be relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced business world. Corporate training programs from TalentInsights are inventive, engaging, and strategically matched to your company’s objectives. As a leading training consulting firm, we can provide corporate trainers, custom eLearning creation, and instructional design services.

What Sets Us Apart

“Off-the-shelf” training programs are frequently promoted by training organizations. TalentInsight specializes in creating the most effective personalized training programs. That’s not to suggest we don’t provide ready-made training solutions; it’s just that ours are a little different. Our instructors have decades of specialized training experience and are fully trained facilitators. They can provide dynamic interactive experiences and respond to participants’ real-time needs. Our course designers and facilitators strive to create thought-provoking, useful, and entertaining programs, whether used in a traditional classroom setting, online or as part of a blended learning environment. Customers can choose from our pre-made courses to meet their needs or work with us to create personalized coaching and training programs tailored to their organization’s demands.

Based on the precise requirements of our clients, TalentInsight develops tailored curricula and collaborates with them to deliver specialized training programs. Whether these requirements are found within your management team or across your workforce, our consultants and course designers will work with you to solve gaps and build on strengths.

With courses created by highly qualified course designers with actual industry expertise, we collaborate with the customer to deliver a complete solution to training and coaching needs. We’ll design your course considering the various financial, time, and business restrictions.

Services We Offer

Consulting: We examine your plan and listen to your thoughts. We pose thoughtful questions that aid in your goal-setting and decision-making. We provide suggestions to increase the likelihood that your project will produce the outcomes you are after.

Design: We translate your concepts into observable products. We design learning activities that increase the likelihood that what is learned will lead to behavior change that carries over to the workplace. We can produce slides, participant handouts, and instructor guides, as well as job aids that participants can take back to their workplace to apply their learning.

Evaluation: We offer training standards and standards of excellence against which you can assess the value and likelihood of success.


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